Electric Hero HF Deluxe in 35 thousand, top speed of 85 and awesome range of 151 km new bikes in india top 10 bikes in india new bike price

You can get Hero's electric HF Deluxe at a price of Rs. 35,000. For this you have to use your old deluxe bike

GoGoA1 also lets you arrange it in case you don't have the old HF Deluxe bike.

You can also order this electric bike online to get rid of petrol forever

Hero's Splendor bike has been launched in an electric avatar. Soon the kit of HF Deluxe will also be uploaded for selling online.

The electric kit for Hero's HF Deluxe is being prepared by the GoGoA1. The next number in his upcoming electric bikes is that of HF Deluxe.

You can now order Splendor's electric conversion kit online. Electric kit of HF Deluxe to be made in 2 to 3 months

Like the Splendor, the HF Deluxe will also get approved by the RTO once it goes electric. Green plate will be replaced by removing the old plate from RTO

The electric kit of the HF Deluxe will also be priced at Rs. 35,000 like the Splendor. The bike will also get a Rs. 50,000 battery with the electric kit from the H Deluxe

Including GST including electric kit and battery, the total expenditure will be around 90 thousand rupees.

Still, this bike will be perfect compared to the new bike. Comparing the price and features of any electric bike will show a clear difference

You Can Also Rent The Battery From The Company Without Paying The Cost Of The Battery Together New Bike Brands In India

GoGoA1 offers a 3 year replacement warranty for the electric kit and fitted motor. Also includes a 3-year battery guarantee

After The Electric Kit Is Fitted In The Motorcycle, The Rto Has To Issue A Green Number Plate.new Bike 2022

For This You Have To Bill Gogoa1 National Green Tribunal New Bikes In India Top 10 Bikes In India New Bikes In India 2021

According to the electric kit manufacturer GoGoA1, the electric motorcycle covers a distance of 120 to 151 km in a single charge.

It Has No Competition In The Electric Bikes Being Launched In The Indian Market. New Bike 2021 Price New Bike 2022

The power of the motor connected with the electric kit is 2 kW. In this, the electric conversion kit is installed instead of the engine.

Also, There Is An Mcb And Some Converters Which Are Mounted On The Side Body Panels Of The Bike.new Bikes In India

In customizing this bike, Bajaj has to take rear brakes from Pulsar. The switchgear will remain the same as before.

Only the RTO has approved the installation of an electric kit in Hero Splendor. The fitted motor generates 63 Nm of torque

However, it can also reach 127 Nm of torque at the top level. The motorcycle can carry a load ranging from 100 kg to 300 kg

The Bike Can Seat Two People And Can Run At A Speed Of 70 Kmph.top 10 Bikes In India New Bikes In India New Bike Price