list of careers in finance – Best career options in finance

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list of careers in finance – Best career options in finance What are the top career options in finance? full knowledge

list of careers in finance – top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india

I have done B.Com, CA, CS, even M.Com and then MBA from IIM Indore. Why?

Because I wanted to become a finance professional. A commerce graduate boy who aspires to make a career as a finance professional so that I can earn a lot of money and whenever we talk about career, we aspire more towards making money. But, if you want to become a finance professional, it is not necessary to have a B.Com background, even non-B.Com can become one.

list of careers in finance - top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india
list of careers in finance – top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india
list of careers in finance – top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india

In this page, very important post I thought I should communicate with youth or people who are looking for career in finance.

In this post I am going to talk about various career opportunities in finance and what are the qualifications required to pass through the career opportunity. This is going to be a very interesting video, I hope you will like it and share it with your friends and family youth. And if you join me for the first time, do share this post as I am in progress to create such relevant content for my learners.

I divide this discussion into two parts

1. Traditional Career in Finance

First of all, let’s talk about the traditional career in finance.
The first career that is common among finance professionals is Corporate Finance. Now, what is Corporate Finance? As the name corporate finance suggests it is a finance function in corporate and you become a part of that corporate function. What usually happens in a company’s finance function? We mean talking about money when there is finance. So those who are involved in corporate finance are responsible for sourcing as well as application of money to the corporate. Sourcing money means that if the company needs money, it will either take debt or equity or do some kind of mergers and acquisitions. The corporate finance team is involved in both bringing in and using money, in addition the corporate finance team is responsible for maintaining the books of accounts of the company properly. Corporate finance and finance departments are separate in many companies.

But let’s say for example that the Finance Department and the Corporate Finance Department are under a leader and have the responsibility of maintaining the books of accounts. So Corporate Finance which is the most traditional career and to pursue it you must have CA degree or MBA in Finance. These two are the most preferred qualifications. So if you are from engineering or history or art background, don’t worry you can do MBA in finance and then become part of corporate finance.

Now corporate finance is the most important function of corporates. Either it can be corporates or large listed companies or small SMEs or MSMEs which are run by the main owner and core team member who helps in the sources of funds and the process of application.

The second is investment banking after corporate finance. This is the most demanding profession. You must have seen The Big Business School or after CA people often want to become an investment banker. Why? This is because there is a lot of income and work involved but there is much more to learn.

2. What does an investment banker do?

This investment banks. In simple language it provides investment facility. What do you mean by convenience? If a company wants to buy another company, an investment banker does mergers and acquisitions or an investment banker is appointed if a company wants to raise funds. And if a company wants to expand, an investment banker helps. Investment banker is an intermediary who interacts with the entire corporate finance department and helps the company to reach its next level. Investment bankers are usually big bankers like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan is such a big name that young people want to work there. The specific qualification for investment banker is MBA in finance and if you have done MBA from any top school then your chances of getting a job with a reputed investment banker increases. Many small scale investment bankers as well as large scale investment bankers But obviously you would like to be among the top 10 investment bankers and for that you have to go through the top 10 qualification and MBA in finance is the best qualification for investment banking.

3. Third Banking and Insurance

I am combining these two, although according to me these are more marketing activity but both have a treasury operation The role of treasury operation is to manage the mismatch of assets and liabilities in the insurance company. And in banking, when banks get depositors’ money, and when they give loans to corporate or retailers, there is a mismatch in assets and liabilities and the role of the Treasury option is to manage it. Banking and insurance and other financial intermediaries such as NBFCs, under broking, have a major function in this. So if you want to enter, CA is a very good qualification MBA finance is very relevant and if you have done CFA though your chances of getting into treasury are less but if you do then your resume improves.

Note – The first is corporate finance, the second is investment banking, the third is research into a traditional career in banking and insurance finance.

list of careers in finance – top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india

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This is a very good profession. And when I am talking about research I do not refer to market research or marketing oriented research, I am talking about financial research. Either Equity Research, or Commodities Research or Currency Research or Economics Research Your main function is to do research and get inputs and give inputs to the relevant team member who can take decisions. When you start as a Research Analyst or can join as an intern and gradually you move from Junior to Senior to Associate and then Fund Manager. It is a tough journey to reach the fund manager level and for this you need to do regular learning upgradation. Research Team MBA Finance is a great qualification. And, CFA is actually a very good qualification as CFA is designed for research oriented activities. So if you want to go into equity research specially you can apply in research firms after doing CFA there is one research which is not valid for CFA and that is technical research which is more volume, data driven so if It becomes relatively easy to get into more quantitative research if you have a science or engineering background. But if you are from a non-engineering, non-statistical background then perhaps equity research with fundamental oriented research is the most relevant profession for you.

5. Now 5th consultation what is this?

If you’ve heard The Big 4, top advisors like KPMG, EY etc are big advisors. So you join them as a finance worthy person as any of these departments can be tax, merger or transaction consultancy wherever you feel it suits your long term aspiration and join Big 4 . And finally joining the Big 4, there is a natural progression that you get next level career development in many industry verticals. The benefit of working in the Big 4 is that you get access to so many industries that you can advance your career because as a consultant you interact and do research from across multiple industries so that you can get out of consulting and research. Think about getting involved in something special. It could be research, investment banking, banking and insurance or it could be corporate finance. Consulting is a great option to start your career as it gives you 360 degree exposure to the finance vertical.

6. the sixth profession is treasure

I talked about Treasury when I started about corporate finance and even banking and insurance. But treasury is a specialized function where a bank or insurance company has a treasury desk or either some large corporate firms have their own treasury desk, the whole role is to manage capital more properly and generate more returns. Large corporates also invest in financial instruments with their treasury desks or invest in multiple assets from financial intermediaries. So that the department plays an important role. If you want to be part of treasury department, CA helps, CFA works, MBA works fantastically.

Two Modern Career in Finance

Now I will tell you about Modern Finance Career

These were the traditional careers that all financial professionals wanted to go through in that career. Now let me tell about Modern Finance Career Qualification. The first qualification that is more prominent is that of a risk manager. Risk which is a big topic in today’s date that the world is measuring it. We all saw that pandemic has come, COVID has arisen which has led to risk which is unreasonable risk which no one anticipated. Whether such risks can be quantified or whether we manage these risks through financial instruments such that trading at such times makes our risk zero, if not zeroed but is being reduced to the nearest zero. done under science and there is one qualification which defines risk professional is FRM GARP, so those who want to be risk professional who can have MBA Finance, CA and with it GARP FRM qualification then its a great business Will happen.

Continuing the next qualification is actuarial science

You must have noticed that the insurance sector is growing and more and more it increases the need for a professional who can properly assess the claim and its premium, the science behind this is the expansion of risk assessment which is known as actuarial science which has a special ability. So for anyone who is hoping to make a career that is an insurance potential risk assessment then actuarial science can be a great aim.

Third is private equity

You must have seen that nowadays many investments are made in private equity investment, many people coming from that background are investing in startups. So if you are a finance professional who knows how to value startups and businesses, you can join VC firms or private firms. It is not easy to get a job there, generally experienced people, whether it is knowledge of corporate banking, investment banking or private equity, are the ones who get jobs in private equity or VC firms, but still you can get the opportunities and opportunities required for it. You can try the qualifications. Is MBA Finance or CFA, CA can also get a chance but MBA Finance is always a better priority than other careers Trading, traditionally it is believed that it is the work of idle people who do nothing but It is such a scientific trade that if you do it with proper study and understanding, it can be a valuable career. There are two types of trading. One is traditional chart based training and the other is machine based algo trading which includes many AI machine learning applications. So if you want to do traditional chart based learning then there is no such qualification. There are a lot of certification programs in the market including programs offered by eLearnmarkets in association with NSE, so you can go to eLearnmarkets where there are many trading related courses and start your trading journey. But if you want to do algo trading or robotic trading or quantitative trading then you may need a special training, then there is an institute quantinsty go to and do a comprehensive program on algo trading which is available there.

Last but not least is a business

What has emerged globally is also not a finance business, it is a general business, though with a huge impact on finance, teaching or social media content development. Something that I am doing now. My business is something else, it is not my profession, I have come here to share knowledge. But many people have made it a full time profession. So if you understand finance and also explain it to people, and introduce yourself on social media you can become a finance content creator, you can become a teacher, social media influencer and in the end you will see that a lot People are following you and eventually you will make money from the products you support as part of your following. These were modern careers and these were some traditional careers. So now you have to choose what you want to be. There is a general theme that if you want to make a career in finance, MBA in finance is the most desirable qualification. And the more you try to pursue MBA from top tier MBA schools, your job prospects increase. But there is one special thing about finance, which is constantly being learned. It doesn’t mean that you have learned everything after completing MBA Finance, you have to take regular training for which there is eLearnMarket which is a finance portal that helps you in all practical learning on different aspects of finance. I hope this post has given you clarity.

I hope you follow a path for yourself. There are many avenues available and you have to choose one and excel in it and become an expert for your rewarding career in finance. Thank you so much for viewing this post. I hope you liked my effort and I am sure you will share it with your family and especially the youth, who want to make a career in finance. Thank you take care.

list of careers in finance – top career options in finance list of careers in finance in india career in finance company in india career in finance company in india list of careers in finance – top career options in finance

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