7 Best Hosting Companies Worldwide

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7 Best Hosting Companies Worldwide

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There are a lot of hosters in Germany w

ho rent out web space and servers. Of course, there are some quite large ones that dominate the market.

In the following I present 7 of the largest hosters in Germany and describe my experiences with them.

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In addition, the question of whether you should become a hosting customer there and what advantages and disadvantages these have.


Best Hosting Companies

It’s not that easy to find out who the biggest hosts are. I found various statistics on the Internet, but they resulted in different top lists.

In the following, I refer to the list from myipms , which analyzes how many websites are hosted by the providers, although certainly not all of them are included here.

First is Hetzner de This provider has established itself as a professional hoster and offers the whole range from web hosting to root servers. Colocation and domain services are also on offer.
The prices are still competitive and so many website operators rely on this provider. myip.ms found 131,699 websites with this hosting provider (although there are sure to be more). According to the company, more than 30,000 dedicated servers are operated in Germany.

However, I have not yet been able to gain any experience with this hoster.

7 Best Powerful Hosting Companies

1und1 hosting

At 1und1de  you will find a wide range for all hosting needs. This provider is known above all for its low tariffs, which are suitable for beginners. This is exactly what more experienced website operators, who see this provider as a mass host, complain about.
The orientation of the host can be seen, among other things, from the fact that the usual terms are hardly used. We don’t talk about web space or servers, but about starter web hosting and performance hosting.

I don’t actively use the provider myself, but I know the backend and have already looked after sites that use this provider. There are a few caveats, but other than that, I couldn’t find much negative.


So far, I have hardly had anything to do with the provider schlundtech de  Every now and then I read about it, but otherwise it passed me by.
This is probably also due to the fact that this provider specializes in domains and SSL products and does not even offer hosting in the traditional sense.

This is why this provider is only of interest to those who want to book and manage their domains separately from hosting or who want to act as resellers.

Hosteurope Since 1997 you can find extensive hosting offers
on hosteurope de * The provider oscillates between mass hosting and more specialized offers.
In addition to classic web hosting offers for beginners, there is also server and managed hosting on offer. Special offers such as cloud servers, online shops and SSL complete the picture. For example, the website construction kit and pre-installed solutions are aimed at beginners .

I have already had smaller sites on a Hosteurope web space and was quite satisfied with them.


Another German provider is strato de *. You know this mainly from advertising, where it positions itself as another mass host in Germany.
The offers are designed accordingly. Homepage construction kit, inexpensive entry-level hosting packages and fully installed solutions are available here.

On the other hand, there are also SaaS solutions (corporate software on a rental basis) that are aimed at professional users.

Here, too, there are some restrictions for webmasters who want to change certain details. I’ve used Strato myself, but wasn’t so happy with it, at least for my website orientation.


The provider allinkl * is probably already known to some readers. This is one of the two most popular hosting providers I use.
In addition to good technology and reasonable prices, there is above all very good and competent support.

The hoster is already targeting (semi-) professional users a bit more on its website and offers a wide range of web space through to servers. Resellers also get good offers here.

Top 7 Hosting Companies

I am very satisfied with this provider.


The hoster of most of my blogs can be found under dfeu *. After I wasn’t so satisfied with other providers, I switched to Domainfactory and now have a managed server there .
This provider works very professionally, but still offers good and affordable solutions for beginners.

The performance is very good and webmasters have a lot of freedom here. I also really like the option of being able to book additional functions flexibly.

I’ve been with this provider for quite a while and have no plans to switch.

I will also introduce other providers such as mittwald de * or evanzo.de in more detail in the future and compare them with the others.

What are the advantages of these major hosting providers?
The biggest hosting providers have a few advantages that make them interesting

Best Hosting For Beginners

They often offer a wide range of products.
Due to the large number of servers, etc., relatively good prices can be offered.
The reliability is quite good with several locations.
The big providers have a very good chance of being in the market for a long time.
But there are also some points that speak against large providers:

Of course you tend to be a small number and therefore you will not be as important for a large hoster as for a smaller one.
Large hosters are more likely to be exposed to attacks from hackers, although they usually have it under control.
Innovations and further developments are not the top priority for some large hosters.
Very special offers are sometimes in vain.
Unfortunately, some shared hosting offers are overbooked, so that performance suffers.